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Ladybug Baby Bedding | Ladybug Crib Sets

Ladybug baby bedding is about as sweet as it gets.  Perhaps, there is something lovable about the little bugs or maybe it is that the ladybug reminds us of spring and new life.  Whatever our reasoning, ladybug crib sets have become fashionable among nurseries for our little ladies.  It must be noted that some of the bedding designed in recent years has been designed with the little boy in mind as well.

While nursery decor generally is developed around the bedding selections, this pattern is one of the easiest to work with.  The accessories are plentiful, with everything from music boxes to light switch plates.  It is noteworthy that with such an open design, shower gifts are easy to select.

Ladybug baby bedding has become more and more popular in recent years.  It is for this reason that we have selected to put this design in a section of its own.

Decorating Around Ladybug Baby Bedding Sets

All too often parents become frustrated when decorating the nursery with a cartoon or other theme in mind.  In some cases, they just overdo it.  This makes the nursery almost uncomfortable for the mother when she is tending the baby.  It becomes too busy.  There are ways to decorate, especially with ladybug as a theme, without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Select the three colors that well be the nursery colors.
  • Decide which color will become the accent color.  It works well to select one of the least used colors in the crib bedding ensemble.
  • Pick up a few throw pillows in the solid accent color.
  • Add a cushion to mom’s rocking chair in a solid accent color.
  • Use towels and maybe a simple single blanket in the accent color or the secondary color.
  • There is always the possibility of using a solid color diaper hamper or diaper stacker.
  • Add only one or two decals to the walls that carry out the theme.

Before making a final decision, take a glance at All Baby Bedding Selections.  You can always come back to the ladybugs.