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Jungle Baby Bedding

Jungle baby bedding for the infant is at its all time highest level of popularity.  Parents find something particularly cuddly about the infant and the soft jungle motif.  We are not at a loss of patterns and designs.  Colors abound as do the styles.

Once upon a time parents tended to think of the jungle motif for little boys only.  Those days are gone.  Maybe the infant girl has cracked the jungle fever — long before she tackles the glass ceiling.  Many of the jungle crib sets available are gender neutral, making the array of baby bedding in this motif nearly endless.  There is sure to be a pattern and color that appeals to almost everyone.

Simplicity of Jungle Baby Bedding

Parents will notice that most jungle baby bedding is quite simple in design, showing individual animals on a background of various colors.  It is quite easy to see that jungle animals are not available for our little girl adventurers.  Perhaps, this began to become more popular when Dora the Explorer appeared on the scene.  Regardless, we are seeing less and less of patterns and designs that are solely for boys or for girls.

The beauty of jungle baby bedding is that as the little one begins to recognize his surroundings parents can actually use the bedding to identify many animals.  In other words, the baby bedding can become a teaching tool.

The Neutral Background of Jungle Crib Sets

Of course, some of the jungle crib bedding is heavily accented with gender specific colors — blues or shades of pink.  However, many more of the selections are now being presented on a neutral green or other colored background.  This makes for the ideal bedding selection for parents who find themselves with twins, a boy and a girl.

Another benefit of the neutral background is that more often than not the neutral selections will blend well with the color scheme of the home decor.  Some parents prefer keeping the nursery within the color scheme or the entire home.  Jungle baby bedding often works well in this circumstance.