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Green Baby Bedding

The Neutral Benefits of Green Baby Bedding

Girl or boy?  Green baby bedding is the perfect nursery decor for either or for parents who have chosen not to know until the arrival.

For years the traditional colors for the nursery have been blue or pink, but why not step out of the box with a neutral baby bedding theme?  Green crib sets are available in various shades ranging for the forest green of the jungle to pastel sage.  Needless to say the availability of the neutral colors has given parents more options than ever.

For the mom who wants to continue the color scheme of the home into the nursery, this could be the ideal selection.  The green color can be as whimsical as any or as formal as the home decor will dictate.  Whether softly colored or vibrant in hue, there is a green crib set that will welcome the newborn.

A Good Choice for Mom

Green has always been a preference for those who wish for a restful setting.  While it is unsure of whether the color scheme will have an initial effect on the new baby, there is little doubt that it will be relaxing for the new parents when in the nursery.  Let’s face it, particularly if this is the first baby, moms can become stressed when nursing or changing the little one.  That much is normal and any mother has experienced it.  Creating a restful decor is as important for mom as it is for baby.

Selecting the neutral base color does not limit the other colors in the nursery scheme.  Some of our selections are multi-colored allowing the parents to pick up on any one of the colors for accents.  Some of our selections are very subtle using only green and white.  In this case, the parent has the option of adding a traditional gender specific color to accent the green baby bedding or picking another color that ties in with the home decor.



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