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Blue Baby Bedding for Boys

If pink is for little girls, blue baby bedding is traditionally the color representative of our little boys.  Boys baby bedding has reached new heights in pattern and design.  It is important that while we demonstrate the masculinity of the little man, we also keep the bedding selections appropriate in color and theme.  Our little boys are just as cuddly as our daughters.

Baby boy bedding comes in colors beyond blue.  Camo baby bedding is now available in blue, especially for the infant — masculine enough to let us know he is a boy, yet soft enough for a baby crib bedding set.  Winnie the Pooh has been updated for the little ones, as well.  And, let us not forget nautical baby bedding which is traditionally blue.

We have selected some of the highest quality crib bedding sets to display.  While blue is the focus above, everyone is encouraged to browse Baby Bedding to see a selection of themes, as well as colors.

Why is Blue Baby Bedding for Boys?

Of course, most of us have always accepted the idea that blue is for boys and pink is for girls.  But, have you ever wondered why?

For years there have been explanations, none of which really lend credence to the traditional baby colors.  Some have said that the idea was conceived by the painter, Gainsborough, who painted the Blue Boy.

But, how do we explain the Pink Boy?  Actually, they are companion paintings.  That cannot explain the blue for boys.

Perhaps, there is another reason for the traditional colors.

According to The London Times:

Researchers have found that there could be sound historical reasons why women have developed a heightened appreciation of reds and pinks, while men are drawn to blue.

While blue was liked universally, this preference stood out among men as it was not balanced by a parallel liking for pink, the study found. This, too, could have deep-seated natural roots: water that appears blue is more likely to be clean, and the colour is also an indicator of fine weather.

“I can only speculate but I would favour evolutionary arguments again here,” Dr Hurlbert said. “Going back to our savannah days, we would have a natural preference for a clear blue sky because it signalled good weather. Clear blue also signals a good water source.”

Well, so much for that.

We do know that since World War I when men’s military uniforms were mostly blue, blue baby bedding for boys has become more and more a tradition.  Let’s just accept it and start shopping!