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Black and White Baby Bedding Crib Sets


Black and white baby bedding is one of the most versatile of all.  The colors are neutral, making them ideal for the parents who are expecting either a boy or girl or for the parents who have chosen to wait until the arrival of the infant to learn if it is a boy or girl.  While some of the black and white bedding sets are definitely gender neutral, some have trim that denotes the preferred gender or in some cases the print tends toward feminine or masculine.

Black and White Nursery Bedding for Boys

When creating the black and white nursery for baby boys, it is important to keep the look soft, but not feminine.  We have made every effort to find black and white crib sets for boys that are not too frilly.  In many cases the trim in an accent color can define the gender preference.

To complete the nursery decor for the infant son adding blue accents would work.  Or, as shown in one of our selections above the nice brick red trim around the trellis ensemble would fit nicely in the boy’s nursery.  Note that the accents do not necessarily have to be a light shade of blue.  A royal blue or something bright like turquoise or aqua would designate the little man as well as baby blue.

Recently I saw the set accent used in a nursery with a red accent which made me think that a primary color — red, blue, green, yellow for example — could work quite well with this crib bedding without making the nursery look feminine.

The real advantage of the black and white baby bedding sets is that the parents can totally determine the color scheme beginning with a favorite accent color even after the baby arrives.

Black and White Baby Bedding for Girls

am_zebra_bwpinkIt seems that many of the manufacturers like the idea of black and white in the baby girl’s nursery as many of the designs are accents with pink.  Whether the selection is the zebra print with pink trim or another black and white baby bedding selection complete with a colorful trim, it is the trim that determines the bedding is designed for our little girls.



The Accent Color Defines the Nursery

Like black and white bedding for adults, the accent color will determine the finished decor of the nursery.  While many of the baby bedding crib sets in black and white are quite elegant, adding an additional color can state the baby’s gender by choosing blue or pink or can set the mood of the nursery.  There is no color that will not work well with the bedding.

In most cases the crib sets are gender neutral.  However, in some rare cases the trim will be either in pink or blue determining if the set is primarily designed for the new son or daughter.  Although most of the baby bedding sets are gender neutral, parents may prefer the lesser patterns for the son and the more decorative ones for the daughter.

As shown above, many of the baby bedding sets in black and white have a combination of patterns or focus mainly on the white or the black.  As such, accessories in the accent color(s) should be done in a solid color without pattern or design unless it is possible to match the pattern in the accent color and either black or white.

The accessories in the nursery decor will more or less determine the look and feel of the nursery while the black and white will hold up well with almost any theme.