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Baby bedding has become one of the most important sectors of the bedding industry, as more and more companies have joined ranks with designers to create delightfully complete crib sets for the newborn.  First time parents are in luck with so many selections from which to choose.  However it can become a bit overwhelming, especially if this the first child.

Pink and Blue Baby Bedding

Traditionally, blue baby bedding has defined the little boy’s nursery while pink crib sets have been designed for the little princess.  However, as times have changed modern designers have also begun creating wonderful neutral baby bedding for the parents who prefer to decorate without knowing the gender of the baby.  Many families have chosen the neutral selections just because of preference of pattern or color.

Needless to say, many parents feel comfortable going with tradition.  There are plenty of selections!  Within the traditional colors are a variety of shades.  For example, “back in the day” when someone said they were decorating the nursery in blue everyone knew which blue.  There was one.  The same was true of pink.  Who in the world would have thought of putting hot pink in a nursery.  Thank goodness those times have come and gone.

Even if a parent says he or she is decorating with pink or with blue, it pays to find out exactly which pink or which blue.

Neutral Colors for Baby Bedding

Once upon a time yellow was about the only other color a parent would select or could select.  Again, time have changed and as you can see from our color selections above, there are plenty of neutral colors.  Basically, neutral colors for the nursery are those colors that can act as the background in the nursery.  The parent can accent the neutral color with pink or green if she/he so chooses, defining the gender of the newborn.

Nursery Themes

Nursery themes have become ever so popular in recent years.  The parent may decide to decorate with a jungle theme or a ladybug theme, or maybe a nautical theme or even camouflage.  For those parents who pick a theme, there are several very important things to consider and remember.

  • If there nursery is using crib bedding that sets the theme, the parents should purchase (or list on the baby register) two, probably three sets of the bedding when possible.  It is very easy to loose the theme and the desired look when other patterns are introduced into the nursery.  For example, if “Aunt Jane” wants to give you a baby bedding set, let her know which set you want and even if Auntie Jane does not purchase the entire ensemble, she can pick an accessory such as a diaper hamper or a pillow or another piece that matches the decor.
  • Even with several crib sets just alike, parents should purchase several solid color sheets that complement the bedding.  Babies mess up lots of sheets.  Parents will be doing lots of washing and even the best baby bedding will begin to lose its brightness over time.  It is always a good idea to have a nice clean stack of white crib sheets.  Babies spend about 70% – 80% of their first 18 months in a crib.
  • When selecting the baby bedding in a set theme, it is worth noting that many sets come with just about everything you need to decorate the nursery.  Others come only with the essentials.  I bring this up because most nurseries are rather small in comparison to what needs to be included in the room.  Many parents prefer to select accessory pieces in a solid color that complements the baby bedding.  Otherwise, the small room can overwhelm anyone who enters.

Selecting the baby bedding set is often the first step in decorating the nursery.  Once the selection is made, the decor and color scheme will follow based on the background colors of the crib set as well as the accent colors.  Accessories are often available from the manufacturer that will complete the entire decor and make the ideal baby shower gift.

Baby Bedding that Transitions to Toddler Bedding

Of particular interest, it must be noted that many of the baby bedding sets will transition to toddler bedding allowing parents to continue the theme of the nursery through the first several years of a child’s development.  Parents who wish to continue the nursery theme to the first bed should always check to see if the baby bedding set is also available in toddler bedding.


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