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11Pcs King Zebra Animal Kingdom Bedding Comforter Set

11 piece black and white zebra bedding

Adults can enjoy the benefits of this zebra print bedding beginning with this soft black and white comforter and the additional pieces that complete this set.  The stripes are closer together and not as large as those in the bedding for babies, toddlers, and most teen styles.  Instead, the comforter sets the tone and the mood of an adult bedroom.

As busy as this comforter set appears, the regularity of the pattern makes it ideal for the room that needs to look warm and rich.  Adding a vibrant accent color is all that is needed to complete the decor.  Black and white have long been a combination that many of us wish to incorporate into the bedroom.  Easy to work with, this zebra print pattern provides a focus on the black stripes.

This black and white comforter and bedding ensemble will work well in a bedroom with adequate space.  In a smaller room, the bedding can appear too busy making the accessories and the accents fade into the background.  When using this bedding set, it is important to use the bedding as a background theme, not as the primary focal point.

While this is one of our favorites, it is must be noted that it is not suited for all bedrooms.  Since this ensemble is provided in the king size, before purchasing consider the look of the bed as it sits in the bedroom.  Is there ample walking area?  Can the bedroom be navigated without climbing across the bed?  We have all seen rooms that include a bed that is a bit too large for the room.  Should that be the case, this bedding set will appear to take over the room.  The bedding selected for any bedroom should be a complement, a base from which to decorate rather than the only part of the bedroom that one sees when entering.

Decorating with black and white, especially zebra prints can be fun.  The colors and pattern can offer a fresh look provided the room is of adequate size to accommodate the pattern.  Again, this is one of our favorite and most popular zebra patterns, but much depends on the surroundings for it to work as it should.

This beautiful comforter set features Zebra prints on soft suede fabric.  There are 3 decorative pillows included. Matching curtain panels are included.


  • Size: King
  • Face:100% Polyester
  • Backing: 80%polyester/20%cotton
  • Machine Washable

This set includes:

  • 1  Comforter (102″x92″)
  • 2  Shams (21″x37″+3″)
  • 1  Bedskirt(78″X80″+14″)
  • 2  Square Cushions(18″x18″)
  • 1  Neckroll(9″x16″)
  • 2  Curtain Panels (60″X84″x2)w/Attached Valances
  • 2  Tieback Tassels